New Pioneer Woodshop Originals

Welcome to New Pioneer Woodshop Originals, a curated collection where tradition meets contemporary elegance. Each piece in this selection is a testament to our brand’s commitment: “Old World Roots, Modern Vision.” These handcrafted furniture items are the perfect blend of age-old woodworking techniques and modern design sensibilities. Crafted with precision and passion, every item in our Originals range not only stands as a hallmark of quality but also as a reflection of our dedication to merging the past with the present. Dive into a world where the timeless charm of wood meets the sophistication of modern design.

Copenhagen 55
Dresser: $4,700.00 | Nightstand: $2,200.00

Manhattan 57
Coffee Table: $2,200.00 (Walnut) | $1,980.00 (Cherry)
End Table: $1,800.00 (Walnut) | $1620.00 (Cherry)

Oslo 62
Coffee Table: $1,500.00 | End Table: $800.00