Custom Furniture

Introducing New Pioneer Woodshop Custom Furniture, where Old World Roots and Modern Vision collide to create exquisite pieces of craftsmanship. Our skilled artisan Michael utilizes traditional woodworking techniques infused with contemporary design to handcraft bespoke furniture that exceeds your expectations. Whether you are looking for a timeless dining table, a statement piece for your living room, or a custom-made bedroom set, Michael prides himself on delivering exceptional quality and attention to detail. Experience the artistry and beauty of fine woodworking with New Pioneer Woodshop.

Ivy 23
Dining Table: $7,800.00
Customization available, contact Michael for pricing details

Michael’s Process for Custom Furniture Builds

1. Personalized Design Consultation

  • In-Home Meeting: Michael will personally visit the client’s home to immerse himself in their living space. This allows him to get a genuine feel for their style, preferences, and the overall ambiance they wish to create.
  • Intimate Design Relationship: At New Pioneer Woodshop, we believe in a close-knit design relationship. This means there will be extensive communication between Michael and the client, ensuring every detail is discussed and the client’s vision is fully understood.

2. Detailed Design and Planning

  • Sketches and Renderings: Before any building begins, detailed sketches and renderings are crafted to visualize the final product. This ensures that the client can see and feel what the end result will look like.
  • Material Choices: The type of wood or other materials to be used is a crucial decision. Michael will discuss the best options, considering both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Full-Size Mockups: For clients who want an even more tangible feel of the final product, full-size mockups can be created. This step ensures the client’s utmost satisfaction with the design before moving forward.

3. Crafting Your Vision

  • Final Approval: Once the client is completely satisfied with the renderings and mockups, they will sign off on the design, giving the green light for the building process to commence.
  • Building Process: With the design in hand, Michael and the team at New Pioneer Woodshop will begin the meticulous process of bringing the client’s vision to life, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship.