Meet Michael Hauser: The Artisan Behind New Pioneer Woodshop

A lifelong pursuer of creativity and uniqueness, Michael Hauser is New Pioneer Woodshop. After moving to Tacoma, Washington from the Santa Cruz area in California, Michael spent several years working as a landscape designer and kitchen remodeler. When he acknowledged that his true passion was designing and creating individual pieces for others, he became a wood furniture artisan in the early 2010s.

Every custom project begins with a discussion (usually several) with the client. Michael wants to understand the essence of his customer, which ultimately will be represented in the finished product. Finding the right wood: responsibly sourced, locally grown if possible, and aesthetically pleasing, is paramount when Michael begins a new creation.

Michael’s own woodshop provides not only the tools necessary to cut, sand, shape, and create, but his penchant for cartoons is another source that helps the magic happen. An avid musician who listens to genres ranging from Muddy Waters to Metallica, Michael finds the antics of Phineas and Ferb more motivating while working on a project.

Michael enjoys the process as much as the end product. He embraces life and appreciates the journey. Whether playing guitar with his band at a local coffee shop or relaxing with a favorite book (light literature like War & Peace), Michael sees the beauty in all he does. That shows in his woodworking as well.

To schedule a free consultation with Michael, complete the contact form below or contact him via text message at 253.302.9449.

Michael Hauser, Owner / Artisan