Use Every Inch: Built In Furniture That Changes The Look Of A Room

Posted by Mhauser on December 27, 2012

Ever wonder what to do with those unused and oddly shaped corners and nooks around your house? Built in furniture can fill the empty void in any room. Think of built ins as beautiful storage solutions. Give a your clutter a place to hang out by displaying or storing it in a built in piece of furniture.

Built In Bookshelves




Built In Furniture



Each one of these pieces were specially designed and custom built for each space. Hope this gave you some ideas of what to do with those empty corners and walls .  Not sure how to fill that space still? New Pioneer Woodshop does 3D models of the proposed job before any hammers are swung. If you have any questions or are just looking to get started, call today for your free estimate 253.302.9449 or contact us here.



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  1. Susan Patel says:

    I am looking to do either built-in bookshelves or floating shelves To the sides of our fireplace as well as a built-in bench with storage under a window. I would appreciate a consultation.

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