Why Winter is the Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home

Posted by Mhauser on December 18, 2012

The Fall months are usually the busiest time of the year for home remodels, but there are several advantages to waiting for the Winter months to plan your remodel. Here are a list of reasons why Winter is the opportune time to remodel your home:

Hiring a contractor in the Winter months is easier, quicker, and possibly cheaper

Most contractors busy months are from August to November. Booking a contractor in the Winter months when they have more availability gives them more flexibility, which usually means faster job completion and maybe lower rates due to a lull in work. Also, after the busy season is when some contractors have much materials left over from other jobs which they tend to offer at a discount.

Scheduling ahead a season give you more time to plan

Use the remodel off season as an opportunity to plan ahead. Give yourself time to save up and lay out your remodel budget. Look for deals on materials throughout the months leading up to your remodel to save some money. Get your plans drawn up and finalized while taking care of all of the red tape such as ordering permits.

A/C and heating are cheaper in the Winter months

Manufacturers will most likely offer some type of deals or rebates in their slowest months, which also happen to be the Winter, so take advantage! Even if the discounts are not overwhelming, you are also more likely to receive better and faster service.

Materials are cheaper in the Winter months

This may have been emphasized throughout this post, but it is worth repeating: you are more likely to find better prices on materials for your remodel in the slower Winter months. Prices tend to increase during the Spring and Summer months.


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7 Reasons Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Home Remodeling Projects

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