How to save money on a bathroom remodel

Posted by Mhauser on December 11, 2012

Last week we introduced our guide to saving money on your kitchen remodel, and we are continuing our remodel money saving series with the next most expensive room to renovate in the house. You may recognize some of the same money saving bathroom remodel tips from the kitchen remodel post, but they certainly still apply. Here they are:

Do not move location of the sink, tub, shower, or any other plumbing dependent area of the bathroom

Moving the area of the these major areas of your bathroom can cost a fortune. Keep your sink, tub, and shower in the same general area if you can help it.

Think refinish & update rather than complete replacement

Sinks, showers, and tubs can take on a completely different look just by changing out the fixtures. Having a contractor do a professional refinish on and porcelain, fiberglass, or cast iron tubs and sinks can cost much less than purchasing entirely new ones and have them installed. Be sure to look at the areas around your sink and bath, are there materials that can easily be changed out to create new eye catching accents that match your new paint job? Changing a backsplash accent colors near your sink or around your tub is much cheaper than replacing the whole area. This also goes for re-caulking or grouting the areas around your tub and sink which can make it look brand new on its own.

Choose green water saving fixtures to save you money in the long run

This one is a no-brainer. If you already planning on changing out fixtures or a toilet, why not make sure they save you on your utility bill down the line? Most of the time there is no difference between buying the water conserving fixtures versus the standard fixtures.

Get creative with counter tops and sink fixtures

If you absolutely have to have that slab granite counter, take it upon yourself to find the right sized slab that has some imperfections. The more visible the imperfection the cheaper, but keep in mind that most of the slab will be making way for a sink basin and fixtures, so there is a good chance you won’t see the imperfections you saved on in the end. Another trend in bathroom sinks is the old dresser as a pedestal look. You could buy the finished ready-made faux dresser, or you could find your own and have your contractor convert it for you by removing drawers, cutting out the sink hole, etc.

Put as much of the paid labor hours on yourself & donate old materials if possible

This goes for most remodel projects, but holds just as true for the thrifty bathroom remodel. Not every facet of a remodel requires expertise. With a little hard work you can save loads by doing the demolition (tearing out the floor, old cabinets, and more yourself), finishing touches (ex. painting), and hauling away of  trash yourself. You may even be able to donate old material to organizations like Habitat for Humanity who will not only come pick it up, but also give you a tax credit for the donation.

Take time planning out your bathroom remodel

Deciding what you truly want out of a bathroom remodel can be much easier than keeping the project within your means, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream bathroom. Remodels are not repairs, so take your time planning how to keep the process to your budget. Give yourself enough time to save up for process. Research where to buy the materials yourself cheaper than you can get them at retail or through your contractor. Decide what areas you really want to invest your budget into and where you feel like you can afford to go the cheaper route.

Of course, one of the most important factors in saving money now and in the long run for any remodel is to choose an experienced contractor. Look no further than New Pioneer Woodshop and be sure to contact us today for your free estimate 253.302.9449


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    I like how you mentioned that re-caulking your bathtub can help you make it look brand new. My wife and I are thinking that it would be a good time for us to remodel our bathroom since our children are all moved out. We will have to start looking for a renovation contractor that can help us with things like re-caulking.

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