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Posted by Mhauser on September 7, 2012

At New Pioneer Woodshop, we specialize in building beautiful pieces of furniture for you to incorporate into your home. If you love to read, you have most likely been thinking about the best way to display your collection of hardbacks and narratives. We suggest that you think outside the box and integrate a one of a kind bookshelf into the favorite room in your home.  Bookshelves don’t have to be dull, they can be fun and interesting, just like they books they’ll be housing!

We have compiled a few book shelf ideas that we love from

The concept of dedicating an entire wall to bookshelves is for the true bookworm. And what an amazing statement it makes! Not only is it more than adequate storage for your belongings, it brings a true warmth and cozy feeling to the room. It’s almost like having your own personalized library.

Use bookshelves as a great balance between modern technology and sophistication. Bookshelves can be incorporated into any room in order to give it a contemporary and studious ambiance. We love the look of these long horizontal bookshelves that second as a mount for a TV or stereo system.


Sometimes less is more! Not all rooms can support large bookcase structures. For these types of spaces, half walled bookshelves are a great accent under a window or below a few pieces of artwork on the wall.  You still receive a great amount of space for your belongings all while not overwhelming your room.

Turn your dream bookshelf idea into reality with New Pioneer Woodshop. We specialize in custom home renovation and additions, and can even show you what how your remodel will look with our 3D design mock ups. Give us a call today to discuss your dream bookshelf 253-302-9449

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